Venom Security Certificate


Venom Security provides training to private in house security personnel, we do private safety assessments while venues are in progress, this is a great way for owners to see the areas that may need some strengthening in security.

Some training classes are open to the public. Here at Venom Security we believe that there are many viable safety classes that can be helpful and beneficiary giving individuals a sense of confidence, security and acknowledgment that we will not allow ourselves to become victims. We offer private and group sessions in proper use of fire arms, self defense tactics and baton use.

Classes can be individualized and personalized according to each individuals needs. Women group classes are also available. Please call the office for information on available dates.

Venom Security Certificate Classes:

  • Proper Baton Use
  • OC Training
  • Proper Searches
  • Pressure Point Defensive Tactics (PPDT)
  • Women's self defense classes (taught by women)
  • Woman safety tip training classes, pepper spray, oc. (taught by women)

Venom Security